Julie Louisson dress

I live with my family in Wellington, New Zealand – a city I love for its hills and harbour, cafes and culture. I have two exuberant boys – Jake (9) and Thomas (6) – who inspire me in unending ways. This website began as a passion project, a marrying of two long-held dreams – to help raise our children’s wellbeing and to write.

The wellbeing of our children is a theme that has run through my studies, my teaching career and my parenting. I reached my conclusion pretty early on: that the best way to maximise our children’s wellbeing – now and into their futures – is to empower them to be themselves. What I’m still grappling with is how, exactly, do we do that?!

I don’t think there’s a one-size-fits-all answer. I also don’t think it’s as much about parenting strategies as it is about the way we show up for our children. Through my blog, I figure out how to best show up for my boys, untangling the questions, mistakes and challenges I face as I go. 

My teaching experience and natural instincts have given me an advantage as a parent. They have helped me to develop a compassionate, practical point of view to share. My hope is that my words will give you food-for-thought that will help you untangle your experience of motherhood and show up for your kids.