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Connected Kids: Encouraging a “We Mentality”

Today’s children and young people are often accused of being entitled, self-centred, and spoiled. When one of my sons takes the last biscuit or refuses to help tidy up because “it’s not my mess”, I worry that he may well be living up to these labels. Sometimes my boys appear oblivious to the fact that […]


Stay-at-Home Parenting, Worth & Visibility

Before having children, I was a dedicated, passionate primary school teacher.  I felt an enormous sense of responsibility and commitment to my students.  Between my own conscientiousness and the demands of the job, though, I realised that teaching wasn’t a sustainable career for me.  I was constantly spread too thin, exhausted to my bones, without […]

Raising Kids who are Willing to do Chores

Let me dream a little here.  Ideally, my husband or I would notice something that needs doing, ask one of our sons to do it and they would just do it.  No complaining that it’s their brother’s turn to do a job and why do they always have to be the one to do the work.  No pleading to do it later, which we all know never comes (at least, not without consistent nagging).  No using up my own time and energy getting them to do a job that I could’ve done myself with less effort than I was using trying to get them to do it.

Is My Parenting Working?

I’m fortunate that almost all the comments people leave on my essays and social media posts are positive and kind.  I don’t think I write anything particularly controversial but my ideas can be unconventional at times and, very occasionally, someone leaves a comment like “that won’t work!” as if I don’t have a clue what […]

Put Down Those Parenting Books!

When I was expecting my first baby, I devoured baby care books.  I used my library card to borrow almost every book that had been written about newborn babies and, from there, chose the best ones to actually purchase.  I packed the chosen few along with my birth plan in my hospital suitcase.  I was […]

Be The Change You Wish To See In Your Family

I didn’t really get this well-known quote until relatively recently. I used to think it was an inspiring thought but, really, what difference could little old me make in the world? I thought Ghandi’s words were for other people- the type of exceptional people who achieve extraordinary things that go down in history like he did. Then my husband and I had children, creating our own little “world”
of sorts.

Talking With Our Kids About Terrorism

I didn’t want to tell my boys about the shootings. I worried that I would be pulling their sense of safety and their ability to trust others from underneath them. I didn’t want to leave them feeling vulnerable and insecure. I admit I was tempted not to say anything – they’re so young, they don’t need to know, I thought – but I knew they’d hear about the events from somewhere else. By being the first to tell them, I had a little more control over how they received the news and could help them to process it before hearing other people’s take on the events.

“It’s Not Fair!”

“It’s not fair!  His piece of cake is bigger than mine!” “It’s not fair!  He has the ball but I want to play with it!” “It’s not fair!  He got to go to a birthday party and I didn’t!” For a while there, it seemed that “It’s not fair” had become the soundtrack to my […]

My Child Won’t Get A Haircut – A Modern-Day Fable

I don’t know how long it has been since my son Jake had a haircut – long enough to lose track.  At the moment, he looks like a strawberry blonde version of the  mischievous children’s book character Dirty Bertie.  His refusal to get a trim seems to be less about the way his hair looks […]

Telling my Son the Truth about Santa

I’ll admit right now that there is a whole lot about the way we celebrate Christmas in these modern times that doesn’t sit right with me and Santa has always been one of them.  Here are just some of the reasons I’m not so fond of him from a parenting perspective –