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“It’s Not Fair!”

“It’s not fair!  His piece of cake is bigger than mine!” “It’s not fair!  He has the ball but I want to play with it!” “It’s not fair!  He got to go to a birthday party and I didn’t!” For a while there, it seemed that “It’s not fair” had become the soundtrack to my […]

My Child Won’t Get A Haircut – A Modern-Day Fable

I don’t know how long it has been since my son Jake had a haircut – long enough to lose track.  At the moment, he looks like a strawberry blonde version of the  mischievous children’s book character Dirty Bertie.  His refusal to get a trim seems to be less about the way his hair looks […]

Telling my Son the Truth about Santa

I’ll admit right now that there is a whole lot about the way we celebrate Christmas in these modern times that doesn’t sit right with me and Santa has always been one of them.  Here are just some of the reasons I’m not so fond of him from a parenting perspective –

Why We Don’t Need To Teach Values To Our Children

I met a group of friends for coffee last week.  Our gang of 7 year-old boys go to school together and, after dropping them off one morning, we met at a local cafe.  Conversation turned to the dreaded teenage years. “Isn’t there a part of their brain that kind of shuts down and renovates itself […]

My Secret to Managing Sibling Conflict

I hear shrieks, followed by two sets of footsteps racing up the stairs to get to me first.  My boys burst into the room, words falling out of their mouths before they even reach me.  I had been happily minding my own business, making my bed as I listened to a podcast, but now I […]

Maybe We Should Argue In Front Of The Kids (Sometimes)

Earlier in the year, my husband and I were arguing at the family dinner table.  It wasn’t over anything particularly big, it wasn’t heated and there were no insults or raised voices – we were simply discussing the topic at hand and exchanging our different points of view.  Part-way through, I glanced at my son’s […]


Raising Well-Rounded Kids

There seems to be a gold standard for human beings that we call “well-rounded”.  At sports and school prize-givings, there’s usually even an award for “best all-rounder” or something of similar effect.  Well-rounded is a vague kind of a term, suggesting that the person to whom we can attribute this quality is fully developed in every desirable trait and ability.  They are complete in some way that those of us with pieces/qualities missing are not.  From childhood, we are given the mistaken impression that being well-rounded is favourable and actually possible.

3 Questions Every Parent Needs To Ask Themselves

…I now use getting present and inviting my intuition in (like I learned to do in my classroom that day) in my parenting.  It especially helps me to respond appropriately to difficult situations with my boys.  Although I sometimes share with you strategies for approaching specific situations in a respectful way (eg. to discipline or to respond to an angry child), I prefer to use my intuition than to lean on a process or strategy by default.  Over the years, my best responses to situations have come to me in the moment when I’ve had no plan for how to approach it but my heart and mind have been open to really seeing what’s going on.  The trick is to ask ourselves the right questions.