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Co-Operation Instead of Control

I came across Christina Fletcher of Spiritually Aware Parenting online, through our shared passion for seeing children thrive mind, body and spirit.  Her website is full of great resources for parents wanting to honour and nurture their children’s spirituality.  When Christina invited me to contribute a guest blog post, I was thrilled to be part of her great work.

Here’s the link to my guest post, Co-operation Instead of Control.  There are times when we just need our children to do what we want them to.  This post looks at how to get them to do those things in a way that is respectful and encourages them to think beyond themselves…and maybe even want to help.


What is Spiritual Parenting?

Recently, I was invited to contribute a guest post to the blog at kidsmindbodyspirit.com.  Kids Mind Body Spirit is an online directory of holistic services and resources for children, parents and educators.  It is based in Australia and there are hopes of expanding into other regions of the world too, including New Zealand!

Here’s the link to my guest post called What is Spiritual Parenting?  When I first started writing Nurturing Little Souls, I couldn’t have defined spiritual parenting but, now that I’ve been writing about it for a while, I have a fuller understanding of what it means.   Essentially, it  comes down to what our intentions are as parents.  I hope this post helps clarify your intentions and that you will share it with others who might find it valuable.