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My 6-Year-Old Put Me In Time Out

I had sent Jake to sit on “the step” – essentially our version of a time out.  I’d warned him that his disrespectful behaviour would land him on the step if it continued.  It had continued so he’d spent 5 minutes sitting by himself on the step by our laundry, to “think about his behaviour” […]

I Left My Children on the Other Side of the World

This is my first blog post since returning from a 2-week holiday away from my family.  My twin sister and I turn 40 next month and we went to Barcelona together to celebrate – just us, no kids. My sister and I saved a little money each week into a bank account opened specifically for […]


Why we Can’t (and Shouldn’t) Protect our Children from Pain

I saw a series of missed calls on my phone from my older son’s school and my husband.  I looked at the times on the screen – they’d been trying to get hold of me for almost an hour.  My heart started racing – what was up?  I set Thomas up with his lunchbox and listened to the first message.  It was the school principal himself calling, asking me to phone him back “urgently regarding Jake”.