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Confident Kids – Risk, Fear & Failure

When we worry about our kids not being confident, we worry both about the anxiety they feel and that they will miss out on valuable experiences.  Experiences we know they really would enjoy if they could just forget themselves for a moment and experiences they could learn from.  We know they’d love to join in with that birthday party game but they’re too unsure of what to do.  We know they need to develop their literacy skills but they won’t give new words in their reading a go, appealing to us to tell them instead.

So, I’ve been thinking lately, what is confidence?…


Parenting is Yoga – Flexibility, Strength & Balance

Being a new mum was just like going to my first yoga class – I didn’t have a clue what to do and everyone else around me seemed to know what they were doing.  Unlike yoga class, though, I couldn’t just do my best for 90 minutes then roll up my mat and leave – the baby was always there!  Reflecting on those new mum days made me think about how similar parenting and a yoga class are. 


Is “Keeping Up” Keeping Our Children Down?

…One thing I noticed about the teens who spoke so openly in Not Alone was that they had been tuning into the wrong things for their sense of self.  Things that, in the end, sent them spiraling downwards – the expectations of their parents & teachers, trying to fit in with their peers, careless comments & dishonestly perfect images on social media feeds…It seemed that, if they had had a greater sense of themselves, they may have had more perspective instead of getting sucked into the black hole of comparison. It was in trying to “keep up” in some way that most of them had found themselves spiraling downwards. 

Science, Technology and Spirituality

I recently saw a YouTube video of someone giving a talk about the science behind spiritual practices which raise people’s awareness and, therefore, wellbeing.  In the second part of her talk, the speaker described technological developments, such as new apps, which are being developed to help people become more aware and spiritually connected.  It seems […]